Who We Are

Freedom Clad Ltd is an activewear brand that strives to not only be inclusive in size but lifestyle. Our motivation comes from our community. We work hard to give back to those that support us every day. Our products are not just fashion but also function with sustainability in mind. 

We are a family, veteran owned small business. Everyone in the Freedom Clad family plays a role in designing, packaging and delivering an outstanding product with great personal customer service. Everything is tested by the people who actually use it. From the toddlers that do Jujitsu, to the adults that lift weights and do yoga, all of our products are designed with you in mind.  

What does "Be unbound" mean?

It means to unrestricted, untethered to social standards, industry norms and really the limitations that might be put on us by ourselves and others. We do what we want because we can and we break down the barriers that were built not only by us but by society. We believe that when we lift others up we go higher too.

We don't just provide athletic apparel, our goal is to help communities throughout America become better. We do this by contributing to various organizations throughout the year. When you make a purchase, we make a donation that supports efforts to improve the lives of Americans across the country, and support non profit organizations that focus on access to STEM programs for school aged children. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to leave us a message here. We ask for 48 hours to resolve any concerns or issues with an order or received item.